International Conference on "The Nordic Model: An Israeli Viewpoint"

ד', 09/06/2021

From the 1950s donation of Swedish huts to cohorts of Kibbutz volunteers, how have Israel-Nordic relations evolved over time? What is the Israeli viewpoint of the Nordic Model and its socio-economic paradigm?
The Nordic Model affirms the principle of combining high public spending on social services with state-steered market economy. As such, the Nordic Model, which is often described as “a model with five exceptions,” is seen far beyond the boundaries of the region. Indeed, Israel is among the countries who share in this paradigm. Beyond sharing similar global conflicts, such as immigration, multiculturalism, and environmental crises, Israel and Nordic countries also face comparable challenges of global integration – such as Europeanization, financial interdependencies, and standardization. These issues call for the development of new knowledge about the Nordic model, its international context, and its relations with, and impact on, Israel’s economy, politics and culture.
The conference discussions address two main themes:
• The Israeli viewpoint of the Nordic Model, and its global impact
• Israeli-Nordic relations, in historical context and with an outlook towards its future