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Composition and Term of Membership


31.a.  The Board of Managers shall be composed as follows:

       (1)        The Chairman of the Board of Governors;

       (2)        The President;

       (3)        The Rector;

       (4)        Nine representatives of the public, residing in Israel, from
                     amongst the members of the Board of Governors, and at least
                     three of whom are members of the Executive Committee;

       (5)        Three members of the University academic staff, from the
                     representatives of the Senate on the Executive Committee.


    b.  The members of the Board of Managers pursuant to Sections
          31 (a)(1), (2), (3), shall be ex-officio members.  The Vice President for         
           Administration and Finance shall be invited to participate in all                
           meetings of the Board of Managers.


    c.    (1)   The members of the Board of Managers pursuant to Article 31(a)(4) and (5) shall be elected by the Executive Committee for
a period of three years, with right of re-election for two   
additional consecutive terms of office.

             (2)  The Executive Committee may terminate the membership of
                    the members of the Board of Managers elected pursuant to   
                    section 31(a)(4) and        (5), by the affirmative vote of over 70% of 
                    the members of the Executive Committee present and         
                    participating in the vote.


     d.     The Chairman of the Board of Managers

           (1)    The Chairman of the Board of Managers will be appointed by
                     the Executive Committee from amongst the representatives of
                     the public on the Board of Managers, including the Chairman
                     of the         Board of Governors if he is a resident of Israel.

           (2)    The Executive Committee shall appoint a Deputy Chairman
                    from among the public representatives on the Board of

      e.  The Chairman of the meeting of the Board of Managers shall have an
           additional, casting vote in a case in which the vote is equally divided.


Powers and Functions of the Board of Managers


32.  The following are the powers and functions of the Board of Managers:


     (1) To supervise the administration of the University and its assets;

     (2) To supervise the activities of the President;

     (3) To discuss the University’s financial and budgetary reports and
          to approve them for ratification by the Executive Committee
          and the Board of Governors; 

     (4) To approve changes in the University’s budget during the fiscal     
          year, provided that such changes shall not entail an expansion of
          the total budget;

     (5) To decide on the creation and closure of Faculties and Schools, 
          and changes thereof, after receiving the recommendation of the
          Senate, subject to the ratification of the Executive Committee;

     (6) To determine development programs for the University;

     (7) To determine the rules for the appointment of         senior officials;

     (8) To confirm the employment terms of University employees;

     (9)   To determine the authorized signatories of the University and the
 regulations governing their authority;

   (10)    To approve the recommendations of the Search Committee for President;

   (11)    To approve the sale, mortgage or other encumbrance of on-campus immovable property of the University or the lease or transfer for use by a non-University body, for a period exceeding five years; 

   (12)   The Board of Managers shall retain all administrative powers, excluding academic powers, which have not been explicitly granted to another body in the University, according to its Constitution or its Statutes.


Matters Requiring Prior Authorization by the Board of Managers    


33. (a)  The following matters shall require prior authorization by the Board 
            of Managers:


(1) Any sale of immovable off-campus property and mortgages or other encumbrance thereon;

(2) Any rental or lease of immovable property for a period exceeding three years;

(3) Any contract, the subject matter of which exceeds in value a sum to be determined from time to time        by the Board of Managers or the duration of which exceeds three years, excepting types of contracts as determined by the Board of Managers;

(4)  The acceptance by the University of endowments or gifts with unusual conditions attached or such endowments or gifts where the conditions attached involve expenditure which is not covered by the annual budget;                 

(5)  The granting of any loan, except loans to students, or the giving of any guarantee or other contingent liability by the University; however, the Board of Managers may authorize any officer of the University to grant loans or to give guarantees to members of the academic or non-academic staff not exceeding an amount to be determined from time to time by the Board of Managers.

(b) The Board of Managers may delegate any of its powers to a committee or committees appointed by it, from amongst its members or from amongst members of the Executive Committee.


Limitation of Resolutions by the Board of Managers


34.   If the Board of Managers passes a resolution which is within the authority of the Executive Committee, the Chairman of the Board of Managers shall inform, in writing, the members of the Executive Committee.  On the application of any of its members, the Executive Committee shall discuss the matter afresh.