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Rent House/Apartment System

Found 23 results in Furnished Aparment for HUJI visitors
Apart. for Rent
The French Hill -Jerusalem year36500 Shekel 11-09-201720-07-2017Show
German Colony1 year plus option to extend1400018-07-201717-07-2017Show
French Hill1 year or more44600 Shekel before taxes10-08-201717-07-2017Show
Katamon/Greek Colony5-6 month24850 NIS 11-12-201711-07-2017Show
Katamon2.5 months4650 NS per month bills included24-07-201711-07-2017Show
French hill1 month +11800shekel02-07-201701-07-2017Show
Rehavia1 year+47.500 sh x month22-08-201726-06-2017Show
Ramat Sharett1 year5US$ 2300 ono15-08-201726-06-2017Show
bet hakeremup to 12 monhts5shekel 10,500 per month23-08-201724-06-2017Show
Givat Hamivtar12 months, flexible24000 shekels - includes all utilities17-09-201722-06-2017Show
German Colony6 months +2400 NIS01-08-201721-06-2017Show
German Colony6 months +2400 NIS01-08-201721-06-2017Show
Rehavia/Old Katamon12-24 months3NIS 5800 per month (Approx. $1650)01-07-201721-06-2017Show
Greek Colony5 month21500$01-09-201719-06-2017Show
RAMAT BET HAKEREM ONE YEAR OR MORE36000 SHEKEL ($1700)03-08-201708-06-2017Show
french hill1 month +22210001-07-201730-05-2017Show
french hill1 month +222100 shekel01-07-201730-05-2017Show
German Colony6 months or 1.5 years (flexible)24800 NIS01-08-201729-05-2017Show
Rehavia/Old Katamon12-24 months3NIS 6000 per month (Approx. $1675)01-07-201728-05-2017Show
French Hill Giat ShapiraAs long as needed446000 (Six Thousand) Shekels per Month01-10-201728-05-2017Show
North Talpiot12 months32000$16-08-201705-05-2017Show
Nayot1 month4270$ per night (reduced rate for entire month)25-07-201726-04-2017Show