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Rent House/Apartment System

Found 19 results in Furnished Aparment for HUJI visitors
Apart. for Rent
New Mevaseret6 months min, up to 1.5 years47000 nis01-02-201709-10-2016Show
Nachla'ot/City Centerno limit23800 shekels plus utilities01-11-201605-10-2016Show
Givat Hamivtar12 months (there is room for flexibility for a longer or shorter period31550$01-10-201628-09-2016Show
Nachlaotunlimited12300 NIS01-10-201620-09-2016Show
Giveat masuah, Kiryat Yovel, K. Menachem, Orah, Ein Karem12 month35000 NIS monthly01-11-201620-09-2016Show
Baqqaunlimited417000 NIS16-09-201615-09-2016Show
Yemin Moshe8 months24,000 shekels a month01-11-201605-09-2016Show
French Hill1 year +24,000 shekels / month10-09-201604-09-2016Show
Nachla'ot/City Centerunlimited25000 shekels10-12-201623-08-2016Show
Zafon Talpiot2 years41,750$01-10-201617-08-2016Show
kfar adumim12-18 months46000 shekels monthly01-03-201715-08-2016Show
Talbiyaopen35500 NIS31-08-201614-08-2016Show
Ein Karem1-2 months39000 shekels03-09-201610-08-2016Show
Zamereth habira - the French Hill12-2456000 NIS15-08-201610-08-2016Show
Ramot Bet1 year77500 nis negotiable23-08-201606-08-2016Show
Beit Zait1-2 YEARS57000 FLEX01-09-201603-08-2016Show
Rasko (Old Katamon)533800 Shekels (ca. 970$) per month07-09-201602-08-2016Show
Ramat Eskollong term23600sh01-08-201631-07-2016Show
Baka2yrs plus option to extend 52100 $17-08-201825-07-2016Show